Fund «The link of times»

The Cultural-Historical Foundation «The Link of Times» was set up by the russian industrialist and businessman Viktor Vekselberg in February 2004. The core mission of the Foundation is to repatriate cultural and historical values taken out from Russia in the ХХ century.

Art objects made by Pyotr Karlovich Faberge, a great russian jeweler, are certainly our landmark national relics. The largest world private collection of his works was purchased by Viktor Vekselberg in the US and brought to Russia by the Link of Times Foundation. The «Faberge Lost and Found» exhibition from the Link of Times Foundation’s collection held in the Moscow Kremlin from May till July 2004 caused a great public response. Then the collection was presented to the general public in Saint Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Perm, Khanty-Mansiysk. The management of the Foundation decided to organize a standing exposition of the Faberge Museum in Saint Petersburg. For this purpose, the Foundation has started restoration of the Shuvalov Palace building in Naberezhnaya Fontanki (Fontanka Embankment).

Here is another, not less important, project of the Foundation. It is the return to Russia of Historical Bells of Moscow St.Daniel Monastery, which were sold to America in 1930, and have decorated the Lowell House Tower of Harvard University since then. The Link of Times Foundation not only has assumed the obligations on financing this project, which moved the 19-year negotiations from the dead point, but also launched the implementation of the entire project, from making copies of the bells in Voronezh, arranging their delivery to Harvard and installation of the historical bells in St.Daniel Monastery.

The Link of Times Foundation is searching for new projects aimed at repatriation of cultural and historical values and is open to cooperation with any party concerned.